As is the case with many jewellery designers, I started my jewellery career making beaded jewellery.  I worked for Erickson Beamon in Toronto where I learned to make beautiful, high-end, beaded jewellery.  It was a great job with wonderful people, but I wanted to learn to use torches and power tools, and set stones without holes in them.

Since becoming a silversmith I haven’t really considered working with beads, until recently. I had a number of requests for beading classes & I decided it would be a good way for people to get to know me and my work. I ordered some beads last winter, got frustrated, and put them away – it’s difficult to design beaded pieces without having hundreds of beads & findings at your fingertips. A few days ago I found my determination, pulled out the beads, & created this:


Now I’m inspired to create a whole line, I have beaded earrings and necklaces dancing around in my mind. It can be fun to change things up, and I am looking forward to organizing some classes!

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